Each attorney is dedicated to providing distinguished and unparalleled service in the various fields comprising international business law. The attorneys have worked and traveled throughout the world giving them the individual and collective experience few firms ever aspire to gain. We provide complete asset protection, tax planning, and the full range of corporate consulting services to entrepreneurs and established corporate entities.

We represent and consult with individuals and companies in all aspects and conditions of entity formation, administration and growth, including corporations and holding companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, joint ventures, and off-shore entities.

In addition to general business matters, we provide a full range of assistance for global asset protection, contract structuring, drafting and negotiation, domestic and international distribution, competition law compliance, public and private financing, mergers, acquisitions and sale of businesses, and dispute resolution and arbitration. We also provide consultation for the protection of intellectual property rights, employment matters, and real estate transactions.

We are dedicated and committed to ensure the preservation of the individuals' interests within the organization, be it for asset protection, tax, or other objectives. We provide professional counsel with both the corporate entity and individual to ensure future maintenance of both.

The association has a complete understanding of and fluency with certain technologies and their application. Our association combines the advantages of professional, personalized service with a range of technological sources for use by the attorneys and their clients. All offices fully network with the latest technology so that both attorney and client have instant access not only to each other but to a multitude of information services and sources.

Your visit within our Web pages is well appreciated and we thank you for your time. Should you contact us in any manner, we look forward to corresponding with you.


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